Adam Balsinger

Adam currently serves as Investor Relations Manager of the Investor Boardroom, in which he actively works to locate accredited and sophisticated investors and build relationships with them. He then presents deal offerings to these investors and spearheads the company’s capital raising efforts. He’s also an integral piece in exploring and analyzing new markets for the company to potentially invest in.

Adam hails from the Greater Philadelphia Area and attended Penn State University where he studied business. He has nearly 15 years of experience in sales and as an entrepreneur, with the last 8 years being dedicated to real estate. Adam’s real estate experience ranges from single family rentals and development to the acquisition and management of multifamily assets in the Southeast region of the United States. In addition to being a partner in the Investor Boardroom, Adam is also partner of a wholesaling business that operates out of Philadelphia PA. Adam was recently featured in the Top 100 People in Real Estate Magazine for 2021. 

charles seaman

Charles currently serves as Senior Acquisition Manager and Asset Manager for the Investor Boardroom, in which he actively works to locate high-performing multifamily real estate deals throughout the Southeast region of the United States. He’s responsible for performing all of the company’s initial underwriting and analysis of these deals, which ultimately determines whether or not the deal will be a good fit for the company. He’s also involved with contract negotiation and capital raising to make sure that the deals close, remaining involved after closing to manage the assets so that they perform in a manner that provides investors with exceptional returns.

He has 14 years of prior experience working for a commercial real estate investor in NYC. During this time, he assisted the investor with acquiring deals, obtaining financing for them, and managing and leasing them after the deals were closed. While there, he also assisted the investor with the management of numerous other businesses that he owned, including a plumbing company and several bars and restaurants. During his spare time, he also actively traded stocks from 2009 to 2014. 

Wayne Balsinger

Wayne currently serves as the Finance Manager of the Investor Boardroom, in which he thoroughly reviews all underwriting and analysis prior to the company getting deals under contract. He also does the same for any additional financial information that is obtained during the due diligence period to help verify the viability of any deals that the company is considering moving forward with.

Wayne has 40 years of experience in Finance and Accounting, including tenures at Pet Valu, Inc. as Chief Financial Officer/Vice President and Clarks Companies, Inc. as Treasurer/Vice President.

As part of his capacity in these roles, he installed 401(k) plans and served as Administrative Committee Chairman for both companies. He was also on the Administrative Committee for Clarks Companies, Inc.’s Defined Benefit Pension Plan. These committees were responsible for the selection of investment vehicles for each plan and worked with investment companies to determine the asset mixes.

He was also active in reviewing and signing leases for all new store locations, along with developing the performance models used to evaluate performance and selection of locations.

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A shared enthusiasm for multifamily

Despite their diverse backgrounds as mentioned above, our partners are lock step in their belief in multifamily syndications as THE BEST investment today. Here are several reasons why:


Consistency is paramount for your investments. Sure, its fun to gamble on high risk / high reward opportunities with a small portion of your portfolio, but you wouldn’t count on that being your path to financial freedom. Multifamily apartment syndications perform with amazing consistency – seeing 3 to 4 times fewer downturns than the stock market. Nothing worse than thinking you’re about to retire only for the market to tank and you’re nest egg to lose 40% of its value (hello 2008 – 2009). Invest in something with consistent, above average annual returns so you can reach your financial goals without losing sleep at night!


We have a truly elite team. It is our belief that the team operating the deal is more important than the deal itself. We’ve got a recently retired CFO / CPA with a background in tax, the right hand man for a successful entrepreneur and commercial real estate investor out of New York City, and an entrepreneur with years of experience in the residential space. We are sharp, committed and relentless in our pursuit of financial freedom for ourselves and our investors. Come along for the ride. It will be a fun one.


We aim to be at the forefront of real estate investments by providing thoroughly vetted, high returning investment opportunities with minimal downside risk. We are fully committed to conservative underwriting and open, transparent communication. Our focus in select markets allows us the ability to be experts in our given areas and to uncover opportunities missed by others. We strive to deliver the best possible outcome for our investors through truly passive real estate investments.

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